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Rivet Shelving

We have rivet shelving designed with both standard angle post and heavy duty angle post.
In addition to rivet shelving angle post with standard specifications, we can also produce shelving according to our customers' requirements on shelving height and other specifications.

Our rivet shelving can be designed with three types of beams.
L Type Rivet Beam (16Ga / 14Ga)
The L type beam for the rivet shelving is available in any size.

Z Type Rivet Beam (16Ga / 14Ga)
The Z type beam comes with increased length and also protects the edges of shelf boards.

C Type Rivet Beam (16Ga / 14Ga)
This beam is designed to increase the stability and loading capacity of the rivet shelving. The holes on the front side of the C type beam are available for fastening the C type shelf supports.

MAXRAC can offer rivet shelving with different sizes and loading capacities. For example, we can manufacture rivet shelving with shelves made using chipboard, wiremesh or steel materials.

MAXRAC is a professional rivet shelving manufacturer in China. Our main products include mezzanine, cantilever rack, stillage, stacking rack, pallet racking, and more.

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