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Cabinet, Locker

Cabinet, Locker

1. The combination cabinet consists of our HFC standard type cabinet and locker joined along the width, providing that the HFC standard type cabinet and locker are of the same height and depth. There is also an integrated top frame mounted on the upper part of combination cabinet.
2. The structure of the cabinet is the same as the HFC standard type cabinet.
3. Lockers can be fitted with shelves capable of supporting up to 100kg and the height of the shelf can be adjusted in 40mm increments.
4. Both the locker and cabinet have the same door lock type and can share the same key.

As a professional manufacturer of cabinets and lockers in China, we can provide not only cabinets and lockers, but also workbenches, pallet trucks, shelving, and pallet racking.
These rationally designed products are very secure and are widely used in locations such as warehouses, supermarkets, logistics centers, and offices.
Located in Shanghai, we are close to highways, airports and seaports, helping to reduce your transportation costs.
Please contact us if you are in need of our cabinets, lockers or other material handling equipment.

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