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AS / RS Racking System

AS / RS Racking System

As a professional automated storage and retrieval systems manufacturer and supplier in China, we mainly provide AS RS pallet racking and mini load racking.

AS / RS Pallet Racking
With the development of logistics industry, AS and RS pallet racking has gradually become a logistics system linking commodity production and commodity circulation.
Our AS and RS pallet racking system adopts laser positioning technology, integrated WMS which can exchange information with ERP system, infrared communication technology, field bus control technology, bar code scanning technology, and RF system, etc. So the highly automatic pallet racking has the features of versatility and reliable performance.
Our AS RS pallet racking can be used in warehouses and distribution centers.

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Pallet Racking, Shelving System
  • Selective Pallet RackingAll pallets can be accessed individually and the upper space of the warehouse can be utilized to the fullest.
    Stock rotation can be achieved easily.
    The beams of our ...
  • Drive-in Pallet RackingDrive-in pallet racking is a style of heavy duty pallet racking used for high density storage. It is a successional storage rack that is not separated by aisles.
  • Double Deep Pallet RackingOur double deep pallet racking should be coupled with special forklift that can stretch into the rack. Limited by cargo weight, the hoisting height of the forklift can reach about 9m.